Monday, February 27, 2012








Steph & Vanessa (& Heather as model)

For me, and probably so many of you, "askew" is the perfect description for my life lately. I've been insanely busy with work and grad school and for the first time ever, I put Words on hiatus during the holidays. I seriously considered taking the project offline for good, but I decided against it and am so happy I did. Weeks before our first post of 2012, I started getting e-mails from our amazing contributors and from admirers of the project asking when we'd start again. And here we are with our third post of the year.

You'll notice some fresh new names on the contributor list... I'd like to welcome Ravyn and Jim Stadick, a totally cool husband and wife team, whose work is posted above. Also new to the project is Mirka of lovely little Yellow Ampersand. I'm so happy you three have joined us.

And of course, a big thank you once again to our contributors, friends, followers and admirers. This project would be nothing without you.


  1. welcome, new folks! looks like ravyn and i had the same idea :)

  2. oh these are all so great! and new folks too. incidentally, we met Jim and Ravyn on instagram of all things a couple of weeks ago. and now they are here! so cool. plus they apparently only live about a block away from us. i think it's time for some cocktails guys.

  3. thanks for keeping it going Steph! Welcome new friends! Such a lovely post!

  4. Looking forward to being a part of this! Thanks for the warm welcome. And dejvicka, we're in. :)

  5. Yes Steph thank you for keeping up with this blog! I love it and love contributing!!! Great takes on Askew (Such a tough word!)!

  6. It was a tough one indeed, but love the results! Welcome Ravyn & Jim and thanks Steph for keeping it going!

  7. How can someone join this group? I love the concept and the images are wonderful.

  8. So happy to have stumbled here. The tryptic visions are creative, thought-provoking and just plain cool.