Monday, October 11, 2010

shadow + a call for entries







A few quick notes... First, a heartfelt thanks to a few contributors who've recently left Words: Anna, Brian, Jen W., Liz, and Susannah, thank you so much for bringing your creativity and beautiful photography to this project. You're always welcome to come back!

Second, please welcome the lovely Brooke Schmidt, Azuree Wiitala, and Ari Muir to Words! We're excited to have you join us.

And now, the CALL FOR ENTRIES!

I've received so many requests from so many people asking to join Words to Shoot By, and although I would love to welcome all of you with open arms, unfortunately I just can't. So, in order to get more of you involved, every so often I'll be posting our word ahead of time and asking YOU to shoot it! I'll post our regular contributors' photos, and I'll post 10 of your photos as well.

So what we shooting next? ORANGE.

THE RULES: You MUST submit 3 individual photos of the current theme (orange), interpreted however you'd like. We accept all forms of photography: film, Polaroid, digital, pinhole, toy, b/w, color, square, rectangular, horizontal, vertical, etc. Your photos MUST be sized for the web: 72 dpi, and around 500 pixels wide. I will put them together in a triptych, just like what you see here on the blog. I also stress that you shoot something NEW! This project was born from a desire to get out and waste some film (or pixels if that's your thing)! I can't require you to go out and shoot, but I strongly urge you to.

*Three individual, appropriately-sized photos e-mailed to wordstoshootby AT gmail DOT com
*Your name/internet handle
*Your blog or website or Flickr link (just one please)
*The order in which you'd like the photos to appear

Deadline is Saturday, October 23, 11:59pm, West Coast time. Questions? wordstoshootby AT gmail DOT com. Deadline has now passed. Thank you to all who answered the call!

Remember, not all of the entries will be selected. There are no prizes or awards, but your photos will be posted here on the blog with proper credit given, and a link to your site. And please, just three photos per person per word. Good luck! Now get shooting!


  1. What a great and fun idea Steph! Can't wait to see Orange now!

  2. i am so pumped to see your 'call for entries'
    addition to this gallery

    what a fabulous boost of energy and talent
    to inspire me


    go ORANGE!!!

  3. oooh! sounds like fun! would love to submit something.
    love this weeks interpretations.

  4. awesome idea to keep me motivated for more shoots - plus orange is such a warm colour...I am an autumn lover, what can I do!

  5. Yay! Finally a chance to join the words to shoot by crew =) Now to find some orange inspiration...

  6. Thank you for this opportunity to have shared fun! And now... orange mode ;)

  7. yes, great idea
    love everyones idea of shadow this week and
    can't wait for orange!

  8. a great idea to open it up. i gotta get me some orange!

  9. What a fantastic chance to participate in such an awesome project. I can't wait!

  10. Orange, wow a favorite color of mine!
    Can't wait to see what you land up posting!

  11. Thanks for this opportunity.I am going to email you some orange! Your project is so beautiful.

  12. love love love these! i had taken so many for this week but didn't finish my roll in time :)

  13. Oh! I am going to shoot orange things today!

  14. Oops just came by your site via pia bijkerk and sad I missed the deadline for orange. It's a lovely idea, will continue to check out your lovely blog and hope I won't miss the next deadline...
    take care